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Today I want to talk to you about the Wholesale Autoship Program.  If you are not familiar with essential oils, check out my other blog posts for more information and be sure to ask me any questions you have.  If you are familiar and have enrolled as a wholesale member with doTERRA or are considering enrollment, I am here to give you some valuable information on how you can earn free product as well as potentially build a business as I have.

There are a few misconceptions surrounding the Loyalty Rewards Program (I will refer to it from now on as the LRP).

1) What exactly is it anyway?

2) I can’t afford to get oils every month

3) There are so many oils that I can’t possibly use them all in a month’s time

Let me address these concerns!

If you are new to being a wholesale member, you may not know exactly what the benefits of setting up an LRP are.

The Loyalty Rewards Program is the smartest and most economical way to purchase your essential oils and other products. In addition to the discounts you receive when becoming a wholesale member, there is also a way for you to earn free products.

What is an LRP?   LRP orders are monthly auto-ship orders, which you can manage from your personal online account. It is completely customizable, so you can log in to your account any time you wish to change the products of your next order and the order processing date.

How Does it Work?  You will be earning a percentage of your purchases back as credit to use towards future purchases. The longer you are participating the more credit you will be earning back. Think of it as you would a Costco membership or a travel rewards program – you are rewarded for being a long time customer!

The best part about it is that you can place as many LRP orders in one month as you would like!

To participate in the LRP, the monthly minimum is only 50 PV (product value = generally +/- $1) to earn your credits back. In order to maintain the credit that you have already earned you only need to order one thing each month. Sounds easy enough right?

In addition to the discount you receive and the credit you earn back, you are also eligible for the FREE Product of the Month with any LRP order over 125 PV that processes before the 15th of the month, so essentially you are earning free oils two different ways.

How Do I Set it Up?  If you are currently a wholesale member, you simply log in to your online account through (with the IPC # given to you after your enrollment) and choose the products that you would like to order that month.

Shipping Rewards – each time you place a loyalty rewards order you will receive free product points for every dollar that you spend on shipping. For example, if your shipping is $8.99, you will receive 9 points back to use towards free products on your next order. These points will be tied in with the loyalty reward points that you receive back each month.

So this answers our first question – the LRP is the easiest and fastest way to earn free product!  And it is very simple to set up and manage and it is very flexible!

Our next issue – I can’t afford it.  What value do you place on your health?  Have the oils helped you with your health concerns?  If you said yes to this question, think about this – ask yourself how much you have saved in over-the-counter medications since you have started using the oils.  Sit down and calculate what you are saving – seeing it on paper makes all the difference!

Finally – the oils overwhelm you – you can’t possibly use so many oils every month.  Think about the health concerns that drew you to use the oils – they have helped relieve your symptoms right?  Shift your focus to how you can use the oils to prevent your symptoms.  Use Lemon oil every day in your water to gently detoxify.  Use the Digestive Blend daily to prevent digestive upset.  Use the Calming and Grounding blends daily for calming purposes. These are just a few of the ways you can use the oils on a daily basis and incorporate them into your wellness regimine.

I hope you have found this post helpful – though it may be somewhat overwhelming at first!  Take some time to read it and remember that I am always here to answer any questions you have.

If you would like to schedule a wellness consultation we can talk more about the LRP and the oils.  Contact me to schedule today!

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