How to Find Your True Skin Type

Oily?  Dry? Combination?


Do you know for sure what your skin type really is?  It can be a confusing process because so many things affect our skin, how it looks, feels, ages and reacts to stress.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find the REAL skin type that belongs only to you?  

I think so! I have struggled with my skin and it’s conditions for years.  I have finally learned how my health,  both mentally and physically, can alter my skin and cause problems.  And recently, I have FINALLY found THE best makeup and skin care that is right for just me, Kate!  I am so glad to be staring down 50 with these great products at my side.  But more about that later…


If you have been reading lately, you’ve seen me talking quite a bit about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  I am SO excited about this bundle that I just can’t stop talking about it and sharing it with my readers and clients.  It is just the most simple way to get all the resources you need to get started with a healthy lifestyle.  Over 83 ebooks and ecourses in subjects such as Alternative Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Paleo, Grain-Free and Gluten-Free, Women’s Health, Healthy Kids, Homesteading and Gardening, DIY and recipes – oh my there are so many delicious recipes!!

One of the ebooks that really caught my attention was Rachael Pontillo‘s Find your Synergistic Skin Combination.  It is a simple guide to finding your own unique skin type. Rachael walks you through the major times in your life when a woman’s skin is the most affected: the beginning of puberty (ages 10-12), after puberty and into adolesence, after having a baby and/or being diagnosed with an acute, chronic or autoimmune illness or condition.  I filled out my survey and learned some interesting things about myself, mainly that my skin enjoyed a calm puberty and teenage years, but once I turned 30, all hell broke loose!  I was diagnosed at that time with hypothyroidism and my skin took a serious turn for the worse.  I experienced massive breakouts, with ugly blemishes and even some scarring.  The dark circles under my eyes became more pronounced. I hated looking at myself in the mirror.


I am happy to say that now, at age 47, my thyroid condition is under control and my skin feels like mine again.  It did take quite a while for this to happen, as any of you who suffer from a thyroid condition can relate to.  I am healthier now than I was in my 30s and I can actually wear very little makeup and still be confident when I am in public!  Taking Rachael’s survey helped me find my holistic skin type – refreshed, clear and awake! 

If you’d like to learn more, visit Rachael’s website, Holistically Haute!

If you’d like to learn more about the all-natural makeup and skin care products that I recommend, please click here.  And stay tuned, I will be talking more about these fabulous products soon!!

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