Giveaway!! A Real Food Nutrition Guide is Yours!

I am super excited to share with you the ultimate guide to all things Healthy Living!!

But we have to wait just a few more days!!

While you eagerly anticipate this amazing deal, I have set up 2 giveaways to get you started!!!  Here’s the first:


You’ll get this comprehensive guide to eating REAL food for FREE.   Here’s a snippet…

What is Real Food?
Real food is anything that you can grow in a garden, or pick off a tree. Can you picture a field of marshmallows, or tree full of Cheetos? Real food is food that God created for us to eat. Food that is closest to its original state. A strawberry Pop Tart is not real food. A strawberry is. Some good questions to ask yourself when deciding what to eat are; would my grandmother recognize this as food, and could I make this at home? Would your great-grandmother know what a Go-Gurt is?

Unconventional Kitchen has put together this great guide and its yours for free!!

Just click the link to enter the Giveaway!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

It starts today at 4pm and ends at midnight on Tuesday, September 20th.

Good Luck!!

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