How to Eat Healthy on Spring Break

Spring break is here!!  You’re ready to head out for a wonderful family vacation!

How can you maintain your healthy goals while you’re enjoying Spring Break?

It’s easier than you may think and I am here to give you some helpful tips!


In the 8 Lesson Nutritional Curriculum, I taught a lesson about Eating on the Go.  This can apply to our busy lifestyles and to when we are relaxing on vacation.

While on vacation, eating out in restaurants can be the norm. Obviously if you have a place to stay that offers a kitchen, eating healthy can be much easier.  But when that is not available, there are still ways to eat well while dining out.

Here are a few tips:

  • Look for protein on the menu.  Do they offer grilled chicken breast, lean beef, shrimp, tuna or beans?  These are healthier options.
  • Look for ways to add veggies to your meal.Are there salads available?  Can you add or substitute veggies as a side?
  • Combining these two strategieswill help you get healthy proteins and veggies in your meal.
  • Watch the appetizers.They tend to typically be large portions.  Pick one or two smaller ones instead.
  • Remember that soups and salads are always great options!

Start keeping a list of restaurants that have healthy menu options.  Check out the posts below that may help you.

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Keeping your healthy goals in place while eating in a restaurant does not have to be a challenge.  Many restaurants today are offering much more healthy options.

If you do have a kitchen where you are staying and can do your own cooking and grocery shopping there are easy things you can do to stay healthy.

Here are some simple tips to keep your travel time healthy:

  • Choose the best location:  if possible, research the area where you will be staying and look for area restaurants that have healthy menus and also grocery stores that may be close by.
  • Choose a room with a kitchenette:  this is a great option if you are able to utilize it.  When you can research the location ahead of time and find local grocery stores, you can easily shop for foods when you arrive to prepare yourself during your stay.
  • Ship items beforehand:  if you are going to have an extended stay and are able to choose healthy items to have shipped to you, this is a great option.
  • Bring a cooler:  this is a great option for day trips or 2 days trips to bring healthy snack options.
  • Research restaurant menus: if your trip is going to involve a lot of business dinner meetings, choose restaurants that offer healthy choices whenever possible. You can do this on a family vacation as well.
  • Bring protein supplements:  they are very easy to transport and can easily be mixed with water for a healthy meal replacement.
  • Bring powdered veggie supplements: again, another easy supplementation option.
  • Bring homemade energy or protein bars for healthy snacksClick here for some recipes.

I have a protein supplement and a veggie supplement that I HIGHLY recommend! Contact me to find out more! 

So traveling does not need to curtail your goals! Be diligent and you can maintain your healthy eating habits!

And exercise isn’t hard to maintain either!  Enjoy that walk on the beach!

Have a happy and healthy spring break!


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