Meal Planning Just Got Easier! Introducing FreezEasy Meal Plans

Does dinnertime stress you out?

Are you scrambling to cook a good meal for your busy family?


Stress no more!!

Meal planning just got easier with the FreezEasy Meal Plans!


What is FreezEasy?

FreezEasy is a new freezer cooking strategy from Erin Chase & $5 Dinners that will teach and equip you with a key strategy and set of tools and resources that will help you get organized and finally feel like you can get a delicious, wholesome dinner on the table without losing your mind!

The goal is to make 10 to 12 meals for your freezer in less than one hour. It takes a specific type or style of recipe and meal to make that happen and Erin has designed preset meal plans with that goal in mind. I want you to be able to get 10 meals into your freezer without spending all afternoon in the kitchen.

My hope is to remove the overwhelming feelings that surround feeding your family… every single night…every single day…sometimes, every single hour!

What do the FreezEasy freezer cooking meal plans contain? The FreezEasy Freezer Cooking Meal Plans are printable downloads that contain recipes, shopping lists, assembly notes, assembly instructions – both loading “by recipe” and “by ingredient” – an assembly video and printable labels for your bags and trays. The downloads are delivered immediately to your inbox after you purchase them.

The meal plans are created and packaged to make you spend as little time in the grocery store getting what you need, and as little time in the kitchen preparing the 10 meals for the freezer. You will love looking into your freezer at the little stack of dinners waiting for you after a busy day!

Who are FreezeEasy meal plans designed to help? Erin has designed and set up these meal plans with both freezer cooking newbies and the experienced home chef in mind. Both can feel equally overwhelmed with the need to feed their families delicious and healthful meals every night, so you can be experienced or a newbie to take advantage of the FreezEasy meal plans.

The greatest feature (IMO!) of these meal plans is the access to secret, private, hidden “assembly videos” where Erin assembles the meals in her kitchen and teaches you how to do it in yours. And the bonus is that…when you watch the videos and cook along with Erin, it’s like you are doing it together and you’re not alone in your efforts!!!

In the videos, Erin teaches you the basic strategies for making this work efficiently and effectively for you. She teaches you about the different recipes featured in the plan and how to cook them after they’ve been frozen. And she drops cooking tricks and truth bombs every now and again too!

I am so excited Erin has put this together! Now we can cook simple and tasty meals without all the stress and fuss!

Stay tuned for more info, new plans will be posted each day this week with a money-saving bundle coming on Saturday! 

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  1. Freezer friendly foods are so wonderful!

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