How to Partner your Natural Solutions for Overall Wellness

A Healthy Lifestyle is Easy to Achieve.

Easier than most of us think.


There are simple steps we can take to be healthier and use essential oils and other natural solutions to do so.

  • Eat Right.  This is the basis of all health and wellness.  Proper nutrition is crucial to being healthy and keeping our bodies working at the optimal level.  Sickness occurs quicker when we aren’t eating right.  Vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients are an essential part of the food we eat.
  • Exercise.  As a personal trainer and a nutritional specialist, I cannot stress enough how important exercise and proper nutrition go hand in hand.  You simply cannot function at your healthiest level when you have one but not the other.  Energy production is important to maintain our health and exercise does so many other wonderful things for us, such as reducing stress.
  • Rest and Stress Management.  Again, this is an important teaching point for me as a massage therapist.  Stress is dangerous for our health and when we allow our stress levels to go unchecked, we suffer physical and emotional consequences.  Getting the right amount of sleep (generally 7-8 hours each night) helps us stay rested and focused. Taking the time to reduce our stress doing things such as yoga, meditation or getting a massage are great ways to ease the tension in our lives.
  • Reduce your Toxic Load.  Unfortunately, we are exposed to toxins every day.  When we walk outside, we face environmental toxins and pollution.  Chemicals in our foods, the cleaning supplies we use, even our skin and hair care, can raise our risk of exposure to dangerous toxins.  Taking steps to reduce this exposure and repair the damage is very important.
  • Informed Self Care.  Chances are if you are reading this post, you are interested in natural solutions for your family’s health.  Researching and educating yourself on the benefits of natural solutions as well as learning how to use them is a big step in your healthy lifestyle
  • Proactive Medical Care.  Finally, we need to take the time to visit our doctor whenever it is necessary. Essential oils do NOT cure disease.  Doctors will fix our broken parts and mend our needs when disease strikes and we cannot discount their services.  Any ailment that is life threatening must be treated by a medical professional.  Even if you are reasonably healthy, a yearly wellness visit to your doctor is crucial. Involve your physician in your healthy lifestyle.

Using these steps can make setting goals and living your healthy lifestyle much easier.

I’d like to share with you the steps I can take everyday to live well.

Each day I take a set of essential oil based supplements.  The pack includes a cellular renewal complex, a vitamin/mineral whole food complex and an omega and fatty acid complex.  Each bottles contains the exact percentages of the nutrients your body needs to function optimally.  I take 4 capsules from each bottle daily  – 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

The Energy and Stamina blend is formulated with standardized plant extracts and metabolic cofactors that support cellular energy and increase mental clarity.  I take 2 of these capsules each morning to sustain healthy energy throughout the day.

I also take the Digestive Enzyme Complex.  This supplement is a unique blend of whole food digestive enzymes that are often missing from our cooked and processed foods.  It supports healthy digestion, enzyme function and cellular metabolism.  I take one tablet with my morning and evening meals.

The Metabolic Blend is great for managing your weight, but it also supports a healthy metabolism, controls blood sugar and increases energy.  My regimen includes a Protein Shake for breakfast and also as needed for an afternoon pick-me-up. I also take 2-3 gelcaps 20 minutes before each meal. You can also use the Metabolic Blend in the essential oil formula.

The essential oils I use on a daily basis help me to gently detox and reduce my stress and hormonal issues.

Throughout the day I drink water with several drops of Lemon essential oil.  This helps to flavor my water so I drink what I need and it provides an energy boost as well as a gentle cleanse.

The Grounding Blend is important to keep me stress free! I apply it to the bottoms of my feet every morning and use it whenever I feel stressed or anxious.  It is a must have oil for me!

The Calming Blend is another must have.  I use it every night topically and also in my diffuser (along with the Grounding Blend) to promote a restful sleep.  My husband uses it regularly and we use it with our kids before bedtime for a peaceful sleep.

Finally, I use the Women’s Blend, as a hormone balancer during my cycle each month. I find myself less stressed and tense during that time and I am also taking less pain medications for my cramping and discomfort.  Clary Sage essential oil is also great to use for that time of month.  I am starting to experience the symptoms of perimenopause, read more about using essential oils for that here

I hope this post has helped you with some ideas for using essential oils along with healthy lifestyle goals.

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Be Well!



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