Essential Emotions – How Essential Oils Can Support your Emotional Health

We all have emotions. They can range from happy to sad to angry or depressed.  They can put a damper on our day or they can completely sidetrack us.  We can control our emotions. It may not be easy at times, but I have found natural solutions to be the best form of control for my ever-changing moods.


I’ve suffered with many emotions such as hopelessness and anxiousness most of my life (read my story here).  I have tried many methods to find the quality of life that I wanted.  I found myself back in a hole way too many times, until I found essential oils.  Essential oils are a natural alternative that has been very effective for me.


Let’s talk just a little about essential oils.  These precious gifts from nature provide a therapeutic effect on our bodies. Essential oils are plant extracts that are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.  I have found that for myself and my family, they are a safe, affordable and effective alternative to synthetic medications. In short, essential oils get to the root of our imbalances.

Now let’s talk about our emotions. We need a better understanding of them in order to see how essential oils can balance emotional health.

Emotions are molecules that carry important information.  They can bind to and react with cell receptors; they can get into our cells; and they can impact cell function and behavior. Emotions are also chemicals and they are not just limited to the mind – they flow throughout our entire body!


Your mind, your heart and your gut are the “3 Brains”. This means that they are neural networks that have independent memory, they “think” and they process feelings.  The mind directs the body to feel and behave. The heart determines the brain’s messages and the gut responds accordingly by distributing health OR illness to the rest of our body.

How can Essential Oils be an effective emotional wellness tool?

Essential oils promote emotional purification – they detox our cells.  They help to stabilize healthy biochemistry. They restore healthy cellular function and they are “bio-compatible” with the body.  One of the reasons oils are able to get into our cells so quickly is because they are moleculary dense.  One drop of essential oil has 40 MILLION TRILLION molecules! And these tiny molecules are able to support every cell of our bodies within minutes!


I am really only touching on the basics of what essential oils can do for your emotional health.  There is so much more to learn! I am committed to helping others live and love in a healthy manner.  I want to teach you more!

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