Essential Oils for Athletes

One of my commitments to the field of health and wellness is to educate people about the amazing benefits of essential oils.  I often talk about their healing properties and how they are able to support a healthy lifestyle.

You may or may not know that essential oils are very beneficial for athletes. Whether you are a weekend warrior or an athlete competing at the collegiate or professional level, essential oils can make training and recovery much easier.


Several colleges and universities here in the United States have begun using essential oils in their training facilities.  The athletes and trainers are given a thorough introduction to essential oils, with a particular focus on the Muscle & Joint Soothing Blend, the Protective Blend, the Respiratory Blend, Lavender, Lemongrass and also White Fir.  Trainers were taught about how to dilute the oils in cases of sensitivity and how to diffuse oils for an uplifting effect. Application methods for topical use are also taught. The Soothing Blend Rub was used along with Lemongrass and White Fir for deep tissue massage of sore and overused muscles and tendons. Peppermint is also an important oil for athletes. It has been studied for its effects on athletic performance.

An important concern for many athletes is how they can manage stress in an effective manner.  Stress and anxiousness are common among competitive players. They endure both the physical and the emotional demands of a tough schedule, especially college athletes. Balancing school, a rigorous training schedule and competition is a challenge. Using Lavender and other calming essential oils helps significantly with the emotional aspect of being a competitive athlete.


Now you can see the benefits of essential oils for everyone, including professional athletes.  All of the athletes I have met and worked with over the years are very body conscious and tuned in to their systems.  Not one was interested in compromising their bodies with chemicals.  On the collegiate level especially, essential oils are a safe and natural alternative.  They do not appear on the banned substance list because they are pure and contain NO chemicals. They are natural substances. To be safe, ALWAYS research your essential oils and if you are an athlete, be sure to talk with your training staff.  To learn more about the essential oils I recommend because of their safety and purity, just fill out this form and I will contact you with more information within 48 hours! 

To recap, essential oils are a healthy and natural alternative for athletes.  They promote healthy, restful sleep, calm nerves and promote healthy respiration. They will boost immune system function and essential oils supplementation will enhance stamina without the use of chemical stimulants and will help cellular recovery.

Questions?  Ask me!  There is so much more to learn!

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