Did you miss me!?!

I’m back!!!


I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post!

A lot has changed in my life so here’s the scoop!

As you may know, I married the love of my life back in January.  On August 11th, I finally made the move to live with him full time!

Why did I wait so long you ask?  I wanted to take the time to close down my longtime massage therapy business in Indiana before I made the big move to Illinois.  I closed my doors on July 31st.  It was bittersweet to end the business of Hygeia Healing Hands that I have worked hard to build over the last 12 years.  But the promise of my new future kept me on course.  I have settled in happily in my new home in Woodridge Illinois; my cat Hermione and I made the move quite easily!  We are happy here with Hermione’s new brother Sonic and I am really enjoying being a stepmom to my awesome stepsons Jack and Dominic!

Now its time to get back to what I know and love!  Welcome back to the blog and I hope you didn’t it miss too much!

Stay tuned, I have an amazingly cool offer to share with you very soon!!!!

Be Well!!!


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