Reboot and Reconnect – Do a Digital Detox

I have recently returned from a fabulous honeymoon vacation to the Western Caribbean.  I am refreshed and ready to roll again!

I learned something important on this much-needed trip: I learned the value of a digital detox. 


I am guilty of being a social media addict.  My husband and I both tend to check our phones first thing in the morning and often throughout the day.  I have come to realize that it is an unfortunate habit that is truly like second nature, a reflex and habit.  Part of this is due to my job as a wellness coach and blogger – I need to be connected and I want to be in constant contact with my clients, friends and family.  But the instance gratification can catch up with you, as it did with me.  It can lead to stress that manifests itself physically – headaches, digestive issues, and much more.

When my husband and I stepped onto the cruise ship 10 days ago, we vowed to take a break from all things social media.  We promised to take a true vacation, enjoy ourselves and focus on each other.  We did it!  We succeeded and had a great time. Yet, we still did not completely disconnect.  What we did learn were the easy steps toward how we can begin to slowly disconnect and then make the time to do so on a more regular basis. 

We all need to detoxify.  My blog has many posts about the importance of detox!  But it is not just our bodies that need to recharge and reboot. Our mind, our emotions, our need for I WANT IT NOW must take a break more often than not.  When we live in a world of instant gratification, we find it hard to slow down.  When we check our phones, email and Facebook first thing every morning, we might have a problem! I am the first to admit that I do.  What I learned however, is that it really isn’t terribly hard to schedule yourself a digital detox.

First, think about how often and why you are online.  Is it for work? Is it for social media interaction? Are you constantly checking news stories or the latest sports score?  Categorize your time online as business and pleasure.  Balance them and make sure you are making the best use of your time.

Next you can begin to get a clear picture of your digital lifestyle.  Just like your wellness lifestyle, you may need to readjust your goals and simply reboot and reconnect.

Start small – you don’t necessarily need a tropical vacation to get you motivated (although, that is quite nice!). Whittle down your time and take a week to do so.  5-10 minutes less each day.  Then take the plunge – a WHOLE DAY without social media!!!  You can do it!!

Read a book.  Bask in the sun. Take a walk. Play a board game with your kids. Get in a good workout.  Do your weekly meal planning. Get a massage!

Whatever it takes, take time to reboot and reconnect.  It will be well worth your time and peace of mind!

I read a great article on the Huffington Post that inspired me to share this with you.  Read the full article here.

Need more help with managing your time?  Stephen Covey has a great Time Management Grid to help you get started. Click the link to download: TimeManagementGrid.


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