Lesson 7: Eating-On-The-Go Recap

This week we have focused on how we can eat healthy despite our busy lifestyles.  

woman with healthy food

Here is our recap:

  • Eating healthy with a busy schedule.  Use the Sunday Ritual, the Breakfast Ritual, precooking protein, prechopping veggies and liquid nutrition as helpful guidelines.
  • Use the 5 Habits to eat healthy in restaurants.
  • Eating healthy while traveling is easier with simple strategies such as bringing protein and veggie supplements and researching healthy restaurants.

Click the link to download the 5 Habits Cheat Sheet – 5-Habits-Cheat-Sheet

Click this link to download Precision Nutrition’s Strategies for Success – strategies

I hope this lesson has been helpful for you!

Please note:  appropriately, I will be traveling next week.  So we will start the last lesson, Lesson 8, Understanding Energy Balance, on Monday, March 9. 

Have a great week and stay tuned!

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