Lesson 7: How To Eat Healthy in Restaurants

If you have a busy lifestyle, eating in a restaurant may be the norm.  How can you maintain your healthy eating habits when you have to eat out on a regular basis?

It is easier than you may think!


Here are some tips on how to find healthy selections when dining out:

  • Look for protein on the menu.  Do they offer grilled chicken breast, lean beef, shrimp, tuna or beans?  These are healthier options;
  • Look for ways to add veggies to your meal.  Are there salads available?  Can you add or substitute veggies as a side?
  • Combining these two strategies will help you get healthy proteins and veggies in your meal;
  • Watch the appetizers.  They tend to typically be large portions.  Pick one or two smaller ones instead;
  • Remember that soups and salads are always great options!

Start keeping a list of restaurants that have healthy menu options.  Check out the posts below that may help you.

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Keeping your healthy goals in place while eating in a restaurant does not have be a challenge.  Many restaurants today are offering much more healthy options.

Tomorrow our topic is for frequent travelers.

Stay tuned!


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