Lesson 7: How To Eat Healthy Despite Your Busy Lifestyle

Rush, rush, rush.  It seems like that is all we do in life, we rush around to get from one commitment to another.  We rarely have the time to slow down, much less eat healthy when life gets in the way.


There are days when we may wake up too late to eat breakfast.  Or we have to work through lunch and grab fast food. There are many things that can get in our way on a daily basis and present nutritional challenges.

To maintain your healthy lifestyle and stick to your goals, you need to plan for the unplanned.

Simple preparation strategies go a long way.

We reviewed several of these strategies in Lesson 2 when we discussed Basic Cooking and Preparation Ideas.  Here is an overview:

  • The Sunday Ritual (Basic Cooking Part 2) – do all of your grocery shopping and prep the week’s meals on Sundays to help you prepare for a busy week;
  • The Breakfast Ritual (Basic Cooking Part 2) – prep that day’s meals while you are making breakfast to ensure that you will 1) eat a healthy breakfast and 2) be ready for the day;
  • Precook Protein (Basic Cooking Part 1) – prepare a big batch of protein selections during the Sunday Ritual so you have them readily on hand for the week;
  • Prechop Veggies (Basic Cooking Part 1) – it is best to chop veggies as soon as you purchase them, so this is a great part of the Sunday Ritual as well.  A good rule of thumb is to chop half of the veggies you purchase for the week immediately and then chop the remainder in the middle of the week.  Keeping them in convenient storage containers make it easier to transport them for a healthy meal or snack; and
  • Liquid Nutrition (Basic Cooking Part 1) – when life is especially busy, supplementation may be needed. Choose Super Shakes or other on-go-nutrition sources to supplement when necessary.

Put these strategies into motion and you have no reason to not eat healthy!!!

Tomorrow we will talk about how to eat healthy in restaurants.

Stay tuned!

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