The Fat Lesson: Recap

We’ve completed Lesson 5, the Fat Lesson! I hope you have learned some important information about healthy fats and the benefits they have for a healthy diet.


Here is a review of what we learned this week:

  • The three main types of fat are saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated
  • An even balance of all of these fats is crucial for a healthy diet
  • Fat balance is important for hormone balance, a healthy immune system and for a healthy inflammatory balance
  • You can find a good balance of healthy fats in the following foods: avocado, nuts, olive oil, flax oil, flax seeds, hemp and fish oil
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fats are very important for your diet
  • You can supplement omega-3’s with fish oil, flax seeds and flax oil
  • EPA, DHA and APA are important omega-3 fats that need to be included in your diet
  • Fish oil can be supplemented and is important for reducing the risks of heart disease, increasing metabolic rate, reducing fat mass and increasing lean mass, reduces inflammation, reduces pain associated with inflammatory diseases and improves your mood by decreasing the symptoms of depression

Fat is important!  Don’t discount it!

Make sure you ask me any questions you have!

Next week’s lesson will focus on how to make our typical North American diet more nutritious!

Stay tuned!

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