The Fruit & Veggie Lesson – Recap

Whew! What a great week! We are done with our 4th Lesson, all about Fruits & Veggies.



Here is what we learned:

Fruits and veggies are very important to our diet and are beneficial for our overall health.  The higher our intakes, the more vitamins and minerals we get, the more antioxidants we get and the more fiber we get.

The daily recommended serving size for fruits and veggies is 8-12 servings.

There are many ways to spice up the veggie portion of our meals – from juicing to shakes and different ways to prepare vegetables.

When our intake is low because life is busy, supplementation is a good short-term option to help us get our daily intake.

Click the link for a bonus printable that explains the different phytonutrients we can get out of fruits & veggies – Phytonutrient_checklist

I hope you enjoyed this week’s lesson!

Next week, we will tackle that dirty word FAT!!!

Stay tuned!

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