The Fruit & Veggie Lesson – Vegetable Alternatives

There are many times when we are just simply too busy to get the nutrients we need. Whether we are away on a business trip, vacation or we are having a super busy time with work and family activities, we can be on-the-go constantly.  This is the time when we may need to rely on supplementation to get our nutrients.

I’ll be brief here today and focus on supplementing our veggie intake.  I will be posting more about supplementation later – there is much to learn!

Let’s look at why supplements can be needed.

If your diet is deficient in certain nutrients, supplements may be needed on a short-term basis.  This will hold you over until your healthy eating habits are firmly in place.

You may be a “part-time” supplement user during the times like I talked about above, when life has you on-the-go.

For this lesson, when fruit and veggie intake is limited and we want to stick to our goals, a supplement that provides our daily recommended fruit and veggie intake is needed. Veggie supplements are the same as protein supplements – they are powdered extracts of specific fruits and vegetables.

There are literally millions of supplements on the market today.  The important thing to remember is that not all supplements are created equal (case in point, the Target/WalMart controversy).  Do your due diligence and research everything before you buy. is an excellent resource.

Matcha tea

That being said, I can confidently recommend vegetable alternative supplement when needed.  This great tasting mix provides the recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies along with healthy essential oils.  Use it in a morning smoothie or an afternoon Super Shake for the nutrients you need.

Remember: supplements such as these should not be your long-term solution for low fruit and veggie intake.  They should be your alternative when you are in a special situation and cannot get your regular intake.

We are done with this week’s lesson!  Stay tuned for a recap and intro to our next lesson!

Want to learn more about the vegetable alternative supplement drink?  Click here for more information!




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