The Fruit & Veggie Lesson – Preparation Strategies

Now that we know how important fruits and veggies are for our diet, let’s talk about some creative ways to prepare them.  We will focus on preparation strategies for veggies – they can get boring so let’s spice it up a bit!


Many us avoid vegetables in our diet because we simply don’t like them!  This is mostly because we don’t have a lot of experience with creative ways of preparing veggies.

There are over 200 varieties of fruits and veggies – endless possibilities!  They come in many forms and colors.  Eat a colorful variety every day and any form counts towards your daily servings – frozen, canned, dried, etc.

Top 10 Ways to Cook Fruits & Veggies:

  1. Microwave
  2. Blanch
  3. Stew
  4. Grill
  5. Roast
  6. Saute
  7. Stir-fry
  8. Steam
  9. Boil
  10. Bake

I tend to shy away from the microwave, but its good in a pinch!  I especially like the Veggie Steamers for the microwave.  I love grilling asparagus, onions and garlic as a side dish – I also saute them. A great variety of veggies can be made with a simple stir-fry with chicken or shrimp.  I also love to steam fresh veggies when I have the time to do so.  And baked sweet potatoes….YUMMY!  Click here for some more great ideas.

Another great option is to juice your fruits and veggies.  Invest in a good juicer (click here for my recommendation) (affiliate link – click here for disclosure info) and make sure you have the time and patience to do it right! Once you get the hang of it, it is a fun and healthy process! The ladies over at Simple Green Smoothies have amazing recipes available as well as challenges to get you going.

Finally, you can add veggies to your day with simple snacks.  Having raw broccoli, celery, carrots, or cucumbers with you through out the day is a great way to snack.  Check out some more recipes below:

Whole Living – No-Cook Fruit & Vegetable Snack Recipes

Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes – Vegetarian Lunch Snacks

Get creative and experiment with what you like.  Pretty soon it will be a breeze to get your daily veggie intake! 

Next up : Veggie alternative and supplements

Stay tuned! 

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