The Fruit & Veggie Lesson – The Benefits of Fruits & Vegetables

Our first topic will highlight the benefits of fruits and veggies.  They are not only tasty, but they are very good for you too!



The higher your intake of fruits and vegetables, the healthier will your diet will be.  

The nutritional values of both fruits and veggies will provide important protection against many diseases.

Here are a few of the benefits:

A higher intake of vitamins and minerals – fruits and veggies provide more essential vitamins and minerals for our diet.  This will protect us from malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies.

A higher intake of phytonutrients – these are the chemical compounds that are found naturally in plants.  Some of them are responsible for the color of vegetables and others, such as caratonoids and flavonoids, are sometimes biologically significant for us.  Healthy doses of phytonutrients can reduce the risk of many cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

A higher intake of antioxidants – these are critical to reducing free-radical damage that our bodies suffer over time.

Fruits and veggies have a strong alkaline potential – certain veggies have high alkaline content which helps to balance the body’s pH levels.  This balances out dietary acids that come from proteins and grains.  It also helps to reduce the risk of oesteoporosis.  A list of high alkaline veggies can be found here.

Finally, fruits and veggies provide a high intake of fiber – this improves blood sugar control, reduces appetite and increases digestive health.

Next we will discuss serving sizes and daily recommendations.

Stay tuned!


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