The Sugar Lesson Recap

Thank you for tuning in to the Sugar Lesson this week!  Our sugar intake is an important part of our diets and our fitness programs.  Unfortunately, North Americans are the biggest abusers of sugar!


This week we learned several important things about sugar intake:

  • how sugar affects our bodies and our susceptability to diabetes
  • how to read labels for added sugar content and recognize other words for sugar
  • how much sugar is actually in the foods we eat
  • how and when to use sports drinks for exercise programs

I hope these lessons have been valuable for you and given you some “sweets” for thought!  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Here is a great blog post from Precision Nutrition that sums up more information about sugar intake and gives us inspiration to quit sugar for a year!!

Precision Nutrition’s Sugar Daddy: My Year without Desserts

Our next lesson will be starting Monday, February 2 – The Fruit and Veggie Lesson!

Stay tuned!


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