Lesson 3 – The Sugar Lesson

In this week’s lesson, we are going to focus on Sugar.  It’s a bit of a dirty word for those of us on a healthy diet!  We can, however, learn to control our sugar intake easily.


The Dangers of a High Sugar Diet

Diets high in sugar intake can pose many dangers to our health.  What we will be learning in this lesson is how those dangers can affect you and how you can avoid eating a diet that is high in sugar.

The most common sugar related disease is diabetes.  

Type 1 diabetes is absolute insulin deficiency.  The body simply cannot produce healthy sugar levels.  Type 2 diabetes occurs when the blood sugar in the body remains high due to insulin resistance.

Over time, uncontrolled sugar levels can lead to glycation.  Glycation is, simply put, what happens when the proteins in the body get “mucked up” with sugar and fail to function properly.

In addition to the risk of diabetes, there are many other potential complications associated with a diet high in sugar:

  • obesity
  • growth impairment
  • eye disease
  • kidney disease
  • nervous system disorders
  • stroke
  • cardiovascular disease
  • high blood pressure

We will be covering the following topics in this week’s lesson:

  1. The Dangers of a High Sugar Diet
  2. The Prevalence of Added Sugar
  3. The Sugar Content of Common Foods
  4. Sugar Intake Before and During Exercise

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