The Kitchen Makeover – Basic Cooking Part 2

The next steps in our Basic Cooking preparation is to implement food prep rituals to help us keep our goals.


Food Prep Rituals

The Sunday Ritual

This ritual is a simple way to start your week of meal planning. Simply set aside about 3 hours every Sunday (you can do this any day of the week, but Sunday is generally easiest for most people) to plan and write our your menu for the week, shop, and prepare that week’s meals.  Once your meal plan is written out, you can then plan how much food you will need for the week.  Now this ritual is also dependant in your timeframe. If you have time throughout the week to prepare your meals on demand each day, then you can probably skip the advanced prep portion. If you are super busy each day, this is your best approach to cut down on time in the kitchen and avoid eating low quality foods on the go.  As we covered in the first cooking lesson, cook all your meat for the week, chop veggies and fruits and have them ready and set aside for easy access.

The Breakfast Ritual

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and the one we are most likely to skip when we are rushed.  Another great practice is to use the Breakfast Ritual to ensure that you will not miss this valuable meal.  This is also an alternative to the Sunday Ritual and you can prep your food on a daily basis, rather than ahead of time for the week.  You need to prepare a good breakfast, so while you are doing this, prepare your meals for the rest of the day at the same time.  This way you are prepared for anything that happens with your day – an unexpected lunch meeting, a longer day at work, after school activities with the kids – and you have the right meals ready to go.  Again this strategy will help you to avoid skipping meals altogether or making poor choices.

If you are like me, writing things down makes life much easier! I recommend a good meal planning guide to help you through this process.  Below I have links to two great resources!

The Live Simply Real Food Planning Challenge (affiliate link – click here for the full disclosure)

Precision Nutrition’s Success Strategies – click the link to download: strategies (2)

This concludes our Kitchen Makeover Lesson!  Next up: The Sugar Lesson.

Stay tuned!

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