The Grocery Shopping Lesson – Reading the Labels

When you begin to practice healthier grocery shopping habits, it is important to learn how to interpret the nutritional labeling on the food you buy.  Understanding the terms that are used and recognizing what is healthy and what isn’t is important.


Learning How to Read the Labels’

What we are learning in this post is what to look for when you are checking the Nutrition Facts labels.  For some of us, this is something we have never done!

Prioritize what you are going to be looking for to make it simple.

Examples include:

  • Avoid foods that contain trans fats (the baddies)
  • Avoid foods with a long list of ingredients that are mostly artificial and have added chemicals.  Chances are if you can’t pronounce it, you don’t want to eat it!
  • When looking at so-called “healthy” products, make sure to avoid the ones that have the unhealthy sugar additives.  Words to watch for include sucrose, glucose, sugar, maltodextrin and high fructose corn syrup

There are a few other things to keep in mind when reading your labels.  A great summary is included in The Food Label Series by Precision Nutrition.  I highly recommend reading this series for more information.

I can also help you to interpret the labeling.  Register for the Curriculum and get a personalized lesson.

Next we will wrap up our First Lesson with some bargain hunting tips!

Stay tuned!


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