The Grocery Shopping Lesson – The Healthy Grocery Store Pathway

Now it is time to take that list and head to the store!  Don’t be intimidated by your list – or the store!  Stay focused and follow this simple plan to get in and out with what you need.


The Grocery Store Pathway

The most important rule of thumb for the grocery store pathway is to shop the perimeter.  The outside aisles are where you will find the fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains and dairy.  The majority of your Superfoods will be found here as well.

Allow yourself brief trips down the center aisles only for things that are on your list.  The center aisles contain the lower quality food items and are often filled with enticing JUNK!  Stay focused!  Remember to leave with everything on your list and nothing else. 

Use this simple printable here to help you on your trip – precision nutrition shopping list

In our next topic, we will specifically locate the Superfoods and other non-traditional items on your list.

Stay tuned!


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