The Grocery Shopping Lesson – The Healthy Grocery List

The key to productive shopping is to make a list.  I don’t know about you but if I go shopping without one, things will jump into my cart that I don’t need and inevitably I will forget what I actually needed!  To shop for healthy foods, it is is equally important to make a list – and make sure healthy superfoods are on it.


The Healthy Grocery Shopping List

The Grocery List

Begin by sitting down and making your list.  Give yourself time for this, schedule the time and day if need be.  Sundays are usually good to prepare for the week.  Make the list comprehensive – whether you are eating for one, two or a family of six, take into consideration everything you need.  Break the list down if you’d like into immediate needs – this is especially helpful for meal planning – and staples that will last you for a while.  Make it a family project – everyone can sit down and offer their suggestions. Just keep it healthy!  You can find great meal planning tools at Live Simply.

Make sure that you include important Superfoods on your list.  Superfoods are by definition nutrient-rich foods that are considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.  Click the link for a handy Superfoods Checklist printable –  21-Superfoods-Checklist.

Once you are ready to go shopping, make yourself a promise:  leave the store with everything on your list and nothing else!

Make your list today!

Tomorrow, we will take you a tour of the grocery store!

Stay tuned!


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