An Introduction to the 8 Nutritional Lessons

Welcome to the 8 Lesson Nutrition Curriculum!  


The 8 Lesson Nutritional Curriculum

I am happy to share with you a weekly lesson plan that will transform the way you eat.  And the way you think about eating!

All of us are guilty of poor nutritional habits at one time or another in our lives.  There are many things we may be doing wrong and we may not even realize it.

Some of the most common problems you may face in your quest to eat healthy are:

  • Eating only 2 or 3 meals per day
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Skipping meals to lose weight
  • Eating too many calories in sugar
  • Eating too much of the convenience/processed foods and calories
  • Eating too few fruits and vegetables
  • Eating too little protein

These are some of the most “bad habits” we have.  How can you overcome these habits and start over?

It’s all about focus. 

In order to create a new normal, we must create new habits.

In the 8 Lesson Nutritional Curriculum, we will be spending the next several weeks exploring just how we can create these new habits.  Click here to get all the basic information on the course and to sign up.  The course will be free through the blog.  Individual sessions can be purchased. For more information on personalized sessions, click here!

Remember:  Focus, stay positive and build a social support system that will help you along the way. Establish your goals and let’s get started!  I am your coach and your biggest cheerleader!!!!   Join our Facebook group by sending me your email address.

Stay tuned!!

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