Want to impress your loved ones this holiday season?

What do the holidays mean to you? Shopping, cooking, eating, stressing out, party after party, not feeling like you are doing enough, but not having time to do it all?


My dear friend Becca Piastrelli of TheDabblist.com, has created A Handmade Holiday to help bring joy and magic back to the most wonderful time of the year (and impress the heck out of your family and friends).

A Handmade Holiday is a beautifully produced set of 15 instructional videos that walk you through the simple process of making thoughtful artisan-quality gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season.

If you are looking for the perfect way to add more glitter and less stress, more heart and less hassle, more fun and less fret, and more wow and less ho-hum, then I highly encourage you to check out A Handmade Holiday.

The Sales Cart will close on December 17, so hurry and get your copy today! 

Click here to Learn More!

P.S. — Full Disclosure: I am a proud affiliate of A Handmade Holiday, which means that when you use the link above gain access to the program, I may receive a referral fee. But that’s not why I wanted to share this opportunity with you. I believe that the holidays are a time for friends & family, celebration, giving, and magic. That’s why I am so excited about A Handmade Holiday. Learn all the details at right here! 

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