How I Found Digestive Health – You Can Too!


Essential Oils and Your Digestion

Do you suffer from digestive issues?  Have you tried almost every remedy you know of to ease your symptoms?

I feel your pain!

A few years ago I was struggling with some serious digestive distress.  I could never pinpoint a cause – there was no particular food that would cause a flare up.  One day I would be fine, the next day in bed all day feeling horrible.  I tried everything – from herbs to hydrocolon therapy!  My doctor ordered a gall bladder scan and I actually prayed they would find something wrong so they could fix.  They didn’t.  Everything in my body seemed to be functioning just fine.  But I was still very uncomfortable.

I left the doctors scratching their heads and was just about to accept a life of misery when I was introduced to an essential oil blend just for digestive issues.  A co-worker of mine at my massage studio told me about the power of essential oils.  I had used essential oils before, but again, they hadn’t worked.  I was desperate so I gave it a try.  And I have never looked back.

The Digestive Blend is an essential oil blend specially formulated for its digestive health properties. It was and still is nothing short of a lifesaver for me.

Once I started using the blend regularly, I soon felt relief from my symptoms.  I would apply the oil to my stomach when feeling nauseous or uncomfortable and relief would come within minutes. I was amazed!  As a preventative measure, I began applying the blend on the bottoms of my feet daily or taking it internally in a gel cap. Within just a few months my symptoms eased considerably.  At the six month mark, they were gone.  Totally gone.

I am so grateful for essential oils and for the opportunity I received to become well and whole again.  I still use the blend (it is now also available in an easy gel cap form) whenever I feel a little off digestively.  But I have my life back! And I couldn’t be happier!

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