Cellular Health and Longevity – Feel Healthier Longer

 There are so many things that we come in contact with on a daily basis that are toxic to our bodies.  Over time, we begin to feel the “rust”, if you will, when our cells break down and the aging process is accelerated due to toxic stress.

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Inflammation Can Wreak Havoc on our Bodies

Most diseases have their origins in both increased inflammation and excessive oxidation.  Most of us are familiar with the term inflammation but what is oxidation?  Oxidative stress  is associated with increased production of oxidizing species or a significant decrease in the effectiveness of antioxidant defenses, such as glutathione (Wikipedia).

cellular stress

Our health is fundamentally linked to our cells and our cells break down as we age.  That breakdown is put on the fast track when inflammation and oxidation pile up.

One of the ways we are exposed to toxic stress is through our food.

You-are-what-you-eat nutrition

You absolutely are what you eat!

There are many health problems that are linked to poor nutrition and diet – obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes to name a few.


No matter how well we try to eat, unfortunately in this day and age, we cannot avoid some traces of chemicals and toxins in our food.  Our foods have fewer nutrients now due to soil depletion and other problems.  We need to take steps to ensure we are protecting our bodies the best we can against free radical damage, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Supplementing our food is a great way to start.  Exercise and good nutrition are essential building blocks.  However, whenever possible, we must fight the aging process and renew our cells with therapeutic dosages of supplementation  – in other words, with supplements that contain enough ingredients to actually cause a change in our bodies.

That’s where the essential oil based supplement packet comes in!

My personal story with these products has been simple – an immediate feeling of increased energy and overall well being.  I have used many supplements over the years, and I have not found the effect in any of them that I have in this incredible pack.  Even my 73 year old father has seen incredible results – increased energy and mental alertness.  My genetics have me in danger of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol but with these products, I have a fighting chance.  And I FEEL BETTER!

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