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Have you ever wondered what goes on your face?  You may rush through your morning and evening skin care routine without a second thought as to what you may be putting on your skin.  Our skin takes a beating as it is, with exposures to toxins in our air, environmental pathogens, cold, heat and eventually age.  Taking better care of your skin starts with taking a long hard look at what is in your skin care products.

essentialskincare recently posted a great article entitled Six Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid!  Reading this post got me really thinking – what do we expose ourselves to when we use skin care products that we are hoping will slow the aging process and make us look years younger? I have been using an essential oil based Skin Care line for almost a year now, and after careful research, I know what’s going on my face on a daily basis.  I am confident that what I am using is safe for me.

The post highlighted the following six ingredients: oxybenzone, phthalates, petroleum distillates, formaldehyde, toluene and “fragrance”.  Read that list again and let the words sink in.  They all sound pretty chemical to me!  Formaldehyde!?!?!!?  Isn’t that what the pig I dissected in high school was soaking in!?!?!  And this is going on my SKIN!?!? Yikes.

So what does all this mean? If you want to be safe and natural with your health, you need to include your skin care regimen as well.  So here is a simple breakdown of these six baddies and what you can find them in.  Read the full article on for more.

1) Oxybenzone is found in most of our sunscreens, as well as nail polish and moisturizers.  The American Academy of Dermatology says that sunscreens containing oxybenzone are safe.  The common UV filter has, however, been linked to hormone disruption and cell damage, which can, in theory, lead to cancer.  While we can’t really prove this link concretely, why take the chance?  Make your own sunscreen with safe essential oils.  Click here for a recipe.

2) Phthalates are most commonly found in soaps, shampoos and also nail polish.  Avoid this danger and make your own soaps. It is fun and easy to do. You can make your own soaps, or check out the essential oil Spa Line, which includes soap, shampoo and conditioner. They all contain “all of the good and none of the bad”.  I have struggled with fine, listless and occasionally dry hair for most of my life.  Since using the Salon Essentials, even my hairdresser has noticed my hair is thicker and more manageable.

3)  Petroleum distillates are extracted from petroleum – think oil slicks – and are commonly found in mascaras.  Look for this ingredient and make sure to use an all organic line of makeup products, such as bareMinerals.

4) Formaldehyde.  Yeah, that stuff that dead things soak in.  It’s commonly found in nail polish. I have researched alot about nail polish and keeping your nails cute and healthy at the same time can be a challenge. Prolonged use of polish without allowing your nails to breathe can cause damage to your nail beds and stunt nail growth, as well as making your nails very unhealthy.  Thankfully now there are better options for nail beauty.  Research and Google formaldehyde free nail polish – there are alot of great options out there!

5) Toluene is also a nail polish no-no.  It is often used to help the polish application to be more smooth, but studies have shown that chronic inhalation – think your weekly manicure – can cause a variety of upper respiratory ailments.  Many salons today offer healthier alternatives, so just ask your manicurist at your next appointment.

6) Finally, the word “fragrance”.  As an essential oil guru, I know that can be a dirty word.  This is generally an ugly chemical cocktail that can lead to numerous health problems.  Watch for the word in anything you purchase.

I hope this post has given you some food for thought.  Always make sure you know what you are putting on and in your body.

If you’d like to learn more about the essential oil Spa line and skin care products, fill out this form and I will contact you with more information within 48 hours!

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